2020 Birthday Sale

Someone is having a birthday!

To celebrate Travis' birthday, we're having a sale with our partners at Transat!

Every hour on the hour from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday January 11 we'll be featuring a new resort special on our Facebook page.

Check them all out here as they are released.

To book contact any of our Trusted Travel Advisors!

9:00 am - To come with Julia MacCormack

10:00 am - To come with Kelvin Jones

11:00 am - To come with Kathy Bobar

12:00 pm - LIVE! Contest announcement

1:00 pm - To come with Travis Stewart (the birthday boy!)

2:00 pm - To come with Frances Gertsch

3:00 pm - To come with Stan Bobar

4:00 pm - To come with Paula Stewart

5:00 pm - To come! Surprise post!

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