Joining the Stewart Travel Group

Joining the Stewart Travel Group

It's time to take control and live the life you deserve

The retail travel industry can be one of the most rewarding opportunities to make a quality living. With good service, expert knowledge, and focused dedication you will have the opportunity to create positive, life-long relationships with valued clients that will reward you -- and them -- for years to come. Very few careers can give you the opportunity to fulfill dreams, comfort and assist people in crisis, or experience the world through other people's eyes. As a Trusted Travel Advisor with Stewart Travel Group your actions may be completing travel arrangements for your clients, but in doing so, you will give those clients opportunities they never realized were possible.

Stewart Travel Group is dynamic travel agency based in Stratford, Prince Edward Island with Trusted Travel Advisors located in PEI, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. We -- Travis and Paula Stewart, Co-Owners of Stewart Travel Group -- are proud to have built a company that has become a leader in the home-based travel industry. We aim to support independent agents in building the their own business in a team environment. We have been the Top Canadian Agency with The Travel Agent Next Door for the past three years, in part because we are a creative, energetic, and successful team that is unlike any other and we want to share that success with others who crave a positive work environment. Our management team is dedicated to improving the lives of our Trusted Travel Advisors by giving them the freedom of work-life balance, the ability to earn a higher income, and the opportunity to create individual business plans that will help you achieve your goals. Your needs and success are what is most important -- and if you succeed, we all succeed.

Glen Earle is our Business Development Manager. Over his 30+ year career, he has seen too many travel consultants work for countless hours in very poor conditions and be compensated a fraction of what they are worth. With Stewart Travel Group, however, we have seen established agents, and those new to the industry, flourish and be extremely successful: they are now living a life that is more than they could have dreamed.

Here's why our Trusted Travel Advisors chose to join Stewart Travel Group:

  1. We are experienced and local.
    We have a local, Atlantic-based executive team who has more than 100 years of experience that provides leadership and support, face-to-face or virtually, 24/7.
  2. We are ready to help you build your business.
    Our Business Development Manager has more than 30 years of experience in travel and tourism and is ready to help you build your business.
  3. We have great relationships.
    We have long-term, well-established relationships with national tour operators and preferred suppliers.
  4. We specialize -- and you can, too.
    While we are a high-quality, full-service travel agency, we specialize in hosted tours and special interest departures and we can help you build this into your business. Our dedicated Groups Coordinator can assist with marketing and booking logistics.
  5. We have a strong marketing program.
    We have a substantial marketing program that includes web support, email marketing, consumer magazines, and broad social media reach and can support you in your marketing efforts.
  6. We hold successful consumer events.
    We regularly hold successful consumer events: join us or host your own with our support.
  7. We maintain a positive market presence.
    Working with our trusted suppliers we produce local marketing, including radio advertisements, to maintain a presence in the market.
  8. We provide a branded email address.
    You will receive a dedicated, branded email address with costs covered by Stewart Travel Group.
  9. We offer a dedicated phone line.
    You will have the option to have a dedicated phone line through an initial start-up cost and covered through your low monthly fees.
  10. We work with an exceptional national host agency.
    We are part of an exceptional national host agency with more than 600 agents and agencies across Canada. Our host agency provides: web hosting; accounting and commission support; contracted agreements with preferred and approved suppliers; on-going skill, marketing, destination, and supplier training; professional affiliations with IATA, CLIA, ACTA, TICO, GIFTE, and more; and, continuing innovation to make the agent and consumer experience better.
  11. We are part of an international consortium.
    We are part of an international consortium that provides exceptional benefits for agents and clients, including exceptional pricing and exclusive access to group departures, specials, and additional marketing.
  12. We will pay higher commission rates, twice monthly.
    You will receive a higher level of shared revenue and commissions are paid twice monthly by our host agency.
  13. We can help you access health and dental coverage.
    Optional health and dental coverage is available.
  14. We give back.
    Our host agency supports an international charity and we regularly support local charities and events in our communities.
  15. We are continually growing and innovating.
    Stewart Travel Group has a strong brand is continually growing and innovating. We work as a team, giving each agent the freedom to build the business they want to have. And being home based means that you can work from anywhere in the world.

Does this sound like a good fit? We can have you set up and ready to start within just a few days. Please contact our Business Development Manager, Glen Earle, to discuss whether joining Stewart Travel Group is the right opportunity for you.

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