Premium Protection Plan

    Premium Protection Plan

    In a world where anything can happen, you need to be prepared to expect the unexpected.

    If it is unexpected and unforeseen, consider it covered!

    In order to purchase this policy, you need to be:

    • 74 or younger at the time of purchase
    • Travelling for no more than 30 days
    • Making the right decision and buying the policy within 72 hours (if you snooze you lose!)

    Hospital and Medical up to $10 million

    • We’ve got you covered for any eligible emergency expenses that may occur once you leave your home province or territory
    • Not stable? No problem! Unlike other plans, you can actually have a change in medication prior to departure and still be covered for medical expenses while away. Unbelievable!

    Trip Cancellation

    (if you have to cancel your travel plans before you leave for your trip)

    • Not stable? No problem! As long as you are fit to travel at the time of purchase, you will be covered to cancel your trip for ANY unforeseen or unexpected reason.
    • Sound too good to be true? We thought so too! If your dog gets sick and you need to cancel your trip, you are covered 100%.

    Cancel for any Reason

    • It is included free of charge
    • If you simply change your mind and no longer wish to travel, we will give you 75% of the non-refundable trip cost. No questions asked!

    Unlimited Trip Interruption

    (if you have to interrupt your travel plans, this will cover you from the moment you leave home)

    • If your dog gets sick while you are away and you need to come home early, no worries! We will bring you back home. That's right... we will pay for your unused days and even cover you for out of pocket expenses.

    Baggage Loss/Stolen or Damage

    • Whether it’s your camera, clothing, or cosmetics, we provide you with excellent baggage coverage should they be lost, stolen or damaged

    Baggage Delay

    • If your baggage is delayed at least 10 hours while you are en route, feel free to go and get yourself toiletries and other necessities you find yourself without.

    Additional Features

    • Standby MD – Medical concierge service… helping you with on the road health concerns.
    • 24/7 Emergency Worldwide Medical Assistance
    • NO Medical Questionnaire Required

    This is a general summary only. For a full listing of benefits please read the policy as limitations and exclusions apply.


    • Trip Cancellation Sum Insured
    • Trip Interruption Unlimited
    • Emergency Medical Up to $10,000,000
    • Baggage Loss or Damage Up to $1,500
    • Baggage Delay Up to $750
    • Flight Accident Up to $250,000
    • Travel Accident Up to $50,000

    To book your Premium Protection Plan policy:

    1. Visit the "Look and Book" page of the Stewart Travel Group website
    2. Choose "Travel Insurance"
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions