Join us to explore Portugal, Gibraltar, and Spain from the comfort of the beautiful Seabourn Sojourn!

2024 Iberian Tapestry

November 14-23, 2024


Hosted by Frances Gertsch


Day 1 - November 14 - Arrive in Lisbon

Transfer from the airport to your hotel. Transfers will be included if you are arriving on the same flights as the host. 

Join us for a tour of Lisbon with a local guide. 

Day 2 - November 15 - Lisbon, Portugal | Depart at 5:00 pm

Day at leisure in Lisbon. Tonight, we'll gather for a welcome dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 3 - November 16 - Lisbon, Portugal | Depart at 5:00 pm

This morning you will have time at leisure. Midday, we will transfer to the cruise port to board the Seabourn Sojourn, our beautiful home for the next week. Our ship will depart at 5:00 pm. 

The great period of 'the Discoveries' accounted for phenomenal wealth brought back from India, Africa and Brazil by the great Portuguese navigators. Gold, jewels, ivory, porcelain and spices helped finance grand new buildings and impressive monuments in Lisbon, the country's capital city. As you sail up the Tagus River, be on deck to admire Lisbon's panorama and see some of the great monuments lining the river. Lisbon is one of Europe's smallest capital cities but considered by many visitors to be one of the most likeable. Spread over a string of seven hills, the city offers a variety of faces, including a refreshing no-frills simplicity reflected in the people as they go unhurriedly through their day enjoying a hearty and delicious cuisine accompanied by the country's excellent wines.


Day 4 - November 17 - Leixoes (Porto), Portugal | Arrive at 8:00 am, Depart at 6:00 pm

The commercial center of northern Portugal and hub of the port wine trade, Porto is a gracious, cosmopolitan city noted for its 12th century cathedral and medieval churches, picturesque narrow streets and wine lodges at Vila Nova de Gaia. It is clustered on hills overlooking a river, and is a northern European style city with granite church towers, narrow streets and hidden Baroque treasures.

Day 5 - November 18 - At Sea

Enjoy the beautiful Seabourn Sojourn today as we sail towards Gibraltar.

Day 6 - November 19 - Gibraltar | Arrive at 8:00 am, Depart at 6:00 pm

With Spain to the north and Morocco to the south, Gibraltar is the famous promontory dominating the narrow entrance to the Mediterranean. Its position led to its seizure by the Moors in 711 as a prelude to the conquest of Spain. The Moorish influence includes the name Gibraltar, a corruption of 'Jebel Tariq' (Tariq's Mountain), named after the Moorish commander Tariq who built the first fortification. In ancient times Gibraltar was regarded as one of the two Pillars of Hercules, which marked the western limits of the known world. Known commonly as 'The Rock,' Gibraltar is full of natural caves and manmade tunnels. The Rock itself, composed of limestone and gray marble, is geographically part of the Iberian Peninsula. Politically, the British have controlled Gibraltar for over two centuries. This tiny self-governing British Colony welcomes you to enjoy its historical sites, magnificent views, beautiful beaches and duty free shops.

Day 7 - November 20 - Malaga, Spain | Arrive at 8:00 am, Depart at 5:00 pm

Often little more than a gateway to the Costa del Sol for sun-seeking vacationers, Malaga is a most interesting city in its own right. First settled by the Phoenicians, Malaga was held by virtually every ruling power in the Mediterranean at one time or another. Two Moorish fortresses, the 11th-century Alcazaba and the 14th-century Castillo de Gibralfaro still stand sentry above the harbor. Malaga was the birthplace of Pablo Picasso as well as the Malaguena style of flamenco. During your time here, you may wish to sample some of the sweet Malaga wine and excellent tapas for which the city is noted.

Day 8 - November 21 - Cartagena, Spain | Arrive at 9:00 am, Depart at 6:00 pm

Founded by Carthaginians in the third century BC, this ancient Mediterranean port city exemplifies the region's tumultuous history. Romans, Visigoths, Castilians and Moors have all left their marks. Under King Philip II, Cartagena's naturally deep, sheltered harbor was developed into the nation's premier naval base, a position it still enjoys today. Ancient ramparts remain, as does a lighthouse erected in Moorish times.

Day 9 - November 22 - Valencia, Spain | Arrive at 8:00 am, Depart at 6:00 pm

Valencia is located in the middle of Europe's most densely developed agricultural region. Originally a Greek settlement, the town was taken over by Romans in 138 BC and turned into a retirement town for old soldiers. The Moors controlled the land for 500 years, and this fertile plain, which today yields three to four crops, was considered to be heaven on earth. El Cid conquered Valencia for Spain in 1094, but it fell back into Moorish hands after his death. Incorporated into Spain in the 15th century, Valencia remains the nation's breadbasket.

Day 10 - November 23 - Barcelona, Spain | Arrive at 7:00 am, Disembarkation

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is said to have been founded by the Phoenicians, and was once the rival of the powerful states of Venice and Genoa for control of the Mediterranean trade. Today, it is Spain's second largest city and has long rivaled, even surpassed Madrid in industry and commerce. The medieval atmosphere of the Gothic Quarter and the elegant boulevards combine to make the city one of Europe's most beautiful. Barcelona's active cultural life and heritage brought forth such greats as the architect Antonio Gaudi, the painter Joan Miro, and Pablo Picasso, who spent his formative years here. Other famous native Catalan artists include cellist Pau Casals, surrealist Salvador Dali, and opera singers Montserrat Caballe and Josep Carreras. Barcelona accomplished a long-cherished goal with the opportunity to host the Olympics in 1992. This big event prompted a massive building program and created a focal point of the world's attention.

Transfer from the Seabourn Sojourn to the Barcelona Airport for our flight home, or continue on your journey.